Beavers take to the skies


The beaver scouts imagined what it would be like to be an air steward flying around the world. They had a go at being a pilot and steering each other through a maze and they learnt all about old and new planes for their air activities badge!

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5th/9th AGM - 24th October


5th/9th Chelmsford Scout Group invites you all to our group AGM this coming Saturday 24th October, 1pm 'till 3pm, at our HQ.

There will be refreshments available during the AGM, and we would love to see as many of you there as possible.

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Jumble Sale! 30th May


Hi everyone!

5th/9th Chelmsford Group are holding another Jumble Sale at the Scout Hut on Saturday 30th May, 10am till 3pm.

We are inviting you all to share this to anyone and everyone as the money raised is greatly appreicated by the group. It enables us to continue the refurbishment of our hut, as well as provide activities for the young people. Please show your support, and spend a few pennies!

Although we have a lot of jumble already, we will take more if you have some to offer, but this would need to be done before the Jumble Sale itself. Lauren (Assistant Cub Scout Leader), and Cheryl (Group Treasurer) will be at the Scout Hut on Friday 29th May from 10am till around 4pm sorting through the jumble, and will accept any donations then.

Please come and show your support for us, as we continue to improve the resources available at our scout hut.

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Vote for us!


5th/9th Chelmsford Group has been successfully shortlisted in the Aviva Community Fund Project!

We are applying for funding to help us continue the refurbishment of our Scout HQ, to make it a better, and more accessible place for the young people. So far we have gutted and rebuilt our kitchen, and we're just about finished in refurbishing the ladies toilets.

We are hoping to raise some money from the Aviva Community Fund so that we can continue the work around the hall to improve the mens toilets, the leaders room, the camp stores, andd hopfully over the 6 week summer holiday, the main hall.

All of your help is greatly appreciated, so please, click on the following link, register, and cast you votes for us. You're not going to be spammed with emails, but once you have registered, you can cast up to 10 votes!

Thank you for all of your continued support for our growing group!

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Megacamp 2015 - 5th-7th June


There is a camp coming up in June called Megacamp. It will just be for a weekend (5th/6th/7th), arriving onsite on the Friday evening, and to be picked up Sunday afternoon. Total cost for the event will £50 per person.

I have had a list of some of the activities,
Along with the usual activities onsite at Skreens like Air rifles, archery, climbing, abseiling, bouldering, cannoing, caving, body zorbing and a few others, there will also be additional activities like; backwoods cooking, fire lighting, water walking, bungee trampoline, go karting, gyroscope, planetarium, It's a Knockout, as well as some live stage shows from the Essex Police Dog Training School, and possibly a visit from the Essex Police Air Support Unit!

Either way, there will be so many activities for everyone to do, and its looking like a fantastic weekend to be involved with!

The location of the camp is only just down the road at the Skreens Park Activity Centre, Skreens Park Road, Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4NN.

If you're interested in wanting your child to attend Megacamp, I will need a £10 cash deposit on this Tuesday 14th April, and then I will give you a copy of the healthforms which I will need back in the following week on the 21st April.

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Happy New Year - Starting Dates/Times for 2015!


Happy New Year and welcome back everyone following a relaxing Christmas break! (Hopefully!)

All sections are starting back next week, 13th January 2015. We as a group decided this 1 week later due to how the term dates started this year, and it also gives us as Group Exec members and Leaders to get together before hand and plan any group wide events.

Just in case anyone forgot, the start times for each section are below.

Beavers - 17:15 to 18:15
Cubs - 18:30 to 19:45
Scouts - 19:45 to 21:15

All sections are meeting in the hut on the 13th January 2015, unless you've been told otherwise by your section's Leader.

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Success in the sun pt2


We thought you might like to see a few more picture of us having fun at Camp

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Success in the Sun


This weekend the Beavers from 5th-9th Chelmsford were invited to join the Beaver Scouts at 8th Chelmsford on their annual Summer Camp to Belchamps Campsite. The Beavers had a wonderful time and were able to take part in lots of amazing activities from water walking to archery, they took part in the assault course running and climbing, racing each other and cheering on their new found friends.
Just in case that didn't wear them out the fantastic Young Leaders ran football, games of frisbee, wide games and they helped out round the campfire with some great camp fire songs!
The Beavers had a few challenges along the way, they put up and broke down their own tents with a little help and they had a scavenger hut in the woods, where they learnt about some of the animals that they were sharing the forest with.

By the time Mums and Dads came on Sunday the Beavers were all exhausted (the sign of a good camp)

We hope to rrun our own camp soon and we will invite our new friends at 8th Chelmsford

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Pond Skimming


The Beavers enjoyed Pond Skimming at Skreens Park tonight, catching all sorts of critters from pond skaters and Water Boatmen to water mites, snails and even a few little fish !

We hope to be back at the lake next term to go kayaking.

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Group AGM


Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM on Saturday! Not only did we manage to complete the business part of the evening quickly, but our short quiz round when down very well!

Despite a small delay with the BBQ, I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and in doing so, we managed to raise nearly £200 of much needed funds to help us complete the transformation of our toilets.

We also celebrated 5th/9th's 10th Anniversary and our DC, Rob Lyon gladly cut our anniversary cake, which rapidly disappeared!

Rob also made presentations to our Assistant Cub Scout Leader Lauren Hull, the Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service, for her services to both our group, but also being the Scout Leader at 24th Chelmsford Scout Group. We were also presented a letter and signed photo of our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls to congratulate the group of the transformation we have achieved over the last 12 months.

Without our community, the group would not be in the fantastic position we are in today. From all of our leaders, and group exec, we thank you for your continued support!

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