Success in the Sun

Beavers's picture

This weekend the Beavers from 5th-9th Chelmsford were invited to join the Beaver Scouts at 8th Chelmsford on their annual Summer Camp to Belchamps Campsite. The Beavers had a wonderful time and were able to take part in lots of amazing activities from water walking to archery, they took part in the assault course running and climbing, racing each other and cheering on their new found friends.
Just in case that didn't wear them out the fantastic Young Leaders ran football, games of frisbee, wide games and they helped out round the campfire with some great camp fire songs!
The Beavers had a few challenges along the way, they put up and broke down their own tents with a little help and they had a scavenger hut in the woods, where they learnt about some of the animals that they were sharing the forest with.

By the time Mums and Dads came on Sunday the Beavers were all exhausted (the sign of a good camp)

We hope to rrun our own camp soon and we will invite our new friends at 8th Chelmsford