Vote for us!

5th/9th Chelmsford Group has been successfully shortlisted in the Aviva Community Fund Project!

We are applying for funding to help us continue the refurbishment of our Scout HQ, to make it a better, and more accessible place for the young people. So far we have gutted and rebuilt our kitchen, and we're just about finished in refurbishing the ladies toilets.

We are hoping to raise some money from the Aviva Community Fund so that we can continue the work around the hall to improve the mens toilets, the leaders room, the camp stores, andd hopfully over the 6 week summer holiday, the main hall.

All of your help is greatly appreciated, so please, click on the following link, register, and cast you votes for us. You're not going to be spammed with emails, but once you have registered, you can cast up to 10 votes!

Thank you for all of your continued support for our growing group!

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